Experienced Veterinarians & Support Staff

At Williams Lake Veterinary Hospital, our team of healthcare providers is dedicated to patient wellness, preventive healthcare initiatives, client satisfaction and fostering a friendly environment. We place an emphasis on client education and making proactive recommendations to ensure early detection and treatment options.


In addition to four experienced veterinarians, our team includes a skilled, knowledgeable support staff. A collaborative environment allows us to deliver comprehensive animal health care. Through regular staff educational programs, new techniques and methods are continually incorporated into our wide range of available veterinary services.





Dr. Ross Hawkes


Dr. Lauren Beaulieu


Dr. Cheri Galatiuk


Dr. Stefanie Krumsiek





Cinde Porter – Veterinary Receptionist


Karen Sepkowski – Veterinary Receptionist


Lori Rymer – Veterinary Receptionist


Becky Telfer – Veterinary Technologist


Rosalie McMartin – Veterinary Technologist


Sabine Sassenrath – Veterinary Technologist


Tanya Marlatt – Veterinary Technologist


Dusty Martin – Veterinary Technologist


Lauren Toews – Veterinary Assistant


Lynn Bell – Registered Physiotherapist


Tanya Hawkes – Practice Administrator